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How To Choose Between Two Job Offers

Having received two job offers, many applicants forget to take a step back and look at each offer in turn to see whether both the position offered and the company offering it are right for them. However, once the initial honeymoon period is over, some come to realise that they made the wrong decision, and that the job or firm is not suitable. There are some important questions to ask yourself when choosing between different job offers.


Before you even start a purposeful job search, we believe it’s important to become clear about what it is exactly that you want in your next job. This will be a list of between 10-15 things that are the most important criteria. The list may include the following:

  • Size of company
  • Mission
  • Quality of management team
  • Length of daily commute
  • Culture of the organisation
  • Quality of your peer group and immediate manager

Compare and Contrast

As you go through the interview process, you can score each company against your criteria, on a scale of 0-10. Of course, as you gather more information about the companies during the interview process, you can adjust the scores that they are awarded.

By using this scoring technique, you will be able to compare and contrast the two firms, and work out which fits your criteria most closely.

The Long-Term View

Before you accept any job offer, consider the long-term view. Asking the following questions will help you make an accurate appraisal:
  • Is this position the next logical step in the upward trajectory of my career?
  • Does this position open opportunities for the future or am I going down a narrowing corridor?
  • Will this job give me the opportunity to expand my skills and build my experience, and therefore position me to add more value to this business and others in the future?
  • Will this company and position allow me to expand my professional network and expose me to more senior people?
  • How specifically does this position act as a stepping stone on the path to my ultimate career objective?

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