Tuesday 18 June 2019       info@tesladuo.com

Data Scientist Hot Job

If you haven’t heard of this job title, here is an insight into it how these pros can get up to six-figures income. But what exactly a Data Scientist do? You can tell from the title alone that it mixes information with high tech, which is exactly what every single business needs in order to thrive and surpass the competition. 

In the US, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, these experts averaged $102,190 per year but there’s a reason behind those growing six figures: NOT MANY PEOPLE CAN DO IT. These specialists are a crucial part of the so called Competitive Intelligence, which is a new and quickly growing industry. The actual job description can vary from company to company, but the most common task is obviously  MINING data. A couple of years ago, Big Data was a big buzzword, but it will always remain a vital part of any company. 

"Data is useless if it’s not MINED, which means optimally collected, analyzed, organized, and activated."

The larger the company, the more likely they are to have dedicated Competitive Intelligence divisions, but Data Scientists don’t need to hold out for businesses to keep up with the trends. About half of all job postings are for permanent, full-time employees and half are for contractors. And you may be able to score a virtual office or telecommuting position.

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