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Get a more creative job

Lost in finding the right job for yourself? No idea on what type of career may suit your personality. There are thousands of jobs open for creative personalities and being interviewed by the veteran in the industry is an honor for creative people.

What is a creative personality?

Creative people always have a skill for making something out of nothing, whether it is writing a story, putting the rhythms together or producing their own band. It is not an easy thing to do and if you do naturally well at creating, it is a natural talent.

By basing your career on jobs that suit your personality then you too can enjoy your working life. First up, creative personalities

Personality traits

If you can tick more than five of the following points then you have a creative personality:

  • They have lots of energy
  • They are not embarrassed to put ideas forward, even if they may seem silly
  • They are very playful person
  • They have a vivid imagination
  • They are passionate about the things that they enjoy
  • They enjoy hobbies
  • They always a sensitive person
  • They are often describe as an artistic person
  • They enjoy creating new things
  • They are a very open person and they willing to listen to new ideas
What job could compress the energy force down?

Even though creative people tend to share key personality traits but not all of them are the same. Some could draw, some could write and some could not even write a simple sentence. Focus on your ability and get your creative juices flowing is the only way to down to your individual skills, passions and interest.


Ah, fashion. It certainly oozes glamour. Of course, fashion designers have to be incredibly creative people but there’s a lot more to being involved in fashion than making clothes. Buying, merchandising, styling shop windows. The opportunities are endless. If your parents ever tells you that Fashion is not a blooming industry, do not be afraid to tell them “You want to be the next Jimmy Choo”


Writing and editing magazines, websites, newspapers and books requires a huge amount of creativity and, although this is a competitive industry, there are lots of opportunities. Climbing these ladders requires you to clean from basic. Publish your own book could be many writer’s dream. However, it also start with the basic of “What to write?”


You can’t get more creative than designer jobs and the choices are vast. Of course, there are the more glam design jobs in fashion and interiors but designers are also needed for anything from the creation of signs to architects designing houses. The modern concrete jungle is an art to all the creative people.

Marketing, advertising and events

Ah the yakking. If you are as good a net-worker as you are a creative thinker then careers in advertising, marketing, PR or even event planning could be right up your street. Planning an event required a lot of creativity as the venue has to be unique and extravaganza.

Being creative is hard work, the opposite of what most people think it is. It requires conviction, self-indulgence, meditation, a casual mindfulness, and total engagement. With everything digital these days, I believe we have moved into a new creative age. Creativity is a most prized commodity. In this new age, the winners will surely be those creative people who can create and keep on creating.

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