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How to get noticed by a recruiter

Recruiters vary their methods depending on the scope and level of seniority of their recruitment assignment. In essence, their job is to gather potential candidates one way or another, and filter them down to a workable shortlist of candidates who they will interview. They may advertise for candidates either online and/or in the press, or search for candidates online or by word of mouth. Thus, in this blog we will run through how to maximise your chances of getting noticed by a recruiter.

Ensuring your CV and Cover Letter are keyword-rich

If a position has been advertised online or in the press, recruiters are likely to receive hundreds of responses. The recruitment firm will have a researcher filter cover letters and CVs that have been sent in. They may even employ a researcher to specifically search for keywords or indeed, may use a computer algorithm to zone in on the keywords they have prioritised as relevant for the role. Therefore, in order to ensure that you pass through this first filter, you must have a CV and cover letter which is rich in keywords that mirror those used in the job advertisement or job specification.


Recruiters may proactively search for potential candidates by going into the marketplace using a number of different tactics, the first of which will be using LinkedIn. Again, in order to get noticed, you must ensure that your LinkedIn profile is rich with the keywords that pertain to the sort of job that you do and/or want to do. The title of your profile and the body of the text must make it an easy match for the keywords that the recruitment researcher have inputted into the Advanced/Premium LinkedIn search engine. Endorsements that are relevant to these keywords and groups that you follow or are a member of are also important and give additional weighting to claims made in your cover letter and CV.

Word of Mouth

The recruitment firm may also do old-school research, seeking to find candidates by word of mouth. Having a large network of colleagues and former colleagues that will speak highly of you and recommend you is important. Develop your network internally and stay in touch with those colleagues who have moved onto other firms. Ensure that this diaspora is well-disposed towards you and will work in your favour - as indeed, you will by reciprocation. Related to this, you can also increase your market profile by contributing to blog sites, forums, conferences, etc. Develop and promote your personal brand in a socially appropriate manner, but this is a much bigger subject than we can do justice here.

A Database Presence

If you have been approached by a search firm or recruiter in the past, your details may have been put into their searchable database. It follows therefore, to ensure that their records about you and your career are accurate, so from time to time - and when relevant - bring them up to date. Moreover, if you are approached by a recruitment researcher asking for your thoughts on other potential candidates for a search that they are working on, be helpful. Make that researcher your ally and offer to send them your CV for future reference.

Act Confident
Last but not least, confidence is a very attractive quality. If you're confident, recruiters (and people you work for) will feel it and will notice you and will thus have greater consideration for your candidacy. So speak up for yourself, speak like you're sure and stop talking like you're less. Definitely stop apologizing when you do or say every little thing and act confident no matter what.

Recruiters are under extreme pressure to identify candidates which match the criteria set by their clients in a tight timeframe. Becoming visible by being well connected, well thought of and known, and ensuring that your online presence is rich in relevant keywords, will make it easier, not only for the recruiters to find you, but also to see that you match with what they are looking for.

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