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Need versus Want In Your Job Search

How you come across at interview, in particular your vibe, is something that people neglect in their interview preparation. But make no mistake, in an interview situation, the person sitting opposite you will pick up on your vibe, consciously or not.

When thinking about vibe, there are two possibilities of candidate to consider:

  • Candidate A: Relaxed, with a sense of abundance. Might have several job opportunities at any one time
  • Candidate B: Comes across as needy and desperate. Pinning all their hopes on this one job
Of course, Candidate A is the more attractive of the two options and what all interview candidates should strive for.

How do you stop yourself from coming across as needy and desperate, especially if you’re feeling that way? After all, it might be a difficult job market with few jobs around.

Here are a few tips to ensure that you come across as confident and assured in any job interview:
  • Remind yourself of your value: Re-associate to how much value you bring to the marketplace, to the triumphs and successes you’ve had in your career and to the value you’ve added to previous employers. In turn, think about the value you can add in the future
  • Make sure that you are talking to more than one company at a time: This will give you a sense that you have abundance and choice
  • Adopt the attitude that whilst you may want the job, you don’t need it: This is important even if the job fits with your pre-determined criteria. It takes an awful lot of pressure off if you think about the job as something that you want, but don’t need
  • This isn’t to say that you can’t be enthusiastic: It however does evaporate that sense of desperation and neediness
Following the above guidance will help ensure your vibe in interview is positive and confident, which makes for an all the more attractive candidate.

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